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How To Install Carpet Tiles Step-By-Step
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OPTION 1 (Adhere to floor):
Installing carpet tiles with double sided tape is a relatively easy and quick process that can transform the look of a room. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to do it:

What you'll need:
• Carpet Tiles
• Straight Edge or T-Square
• Utility Knife
• Carpet Tile Tape
• Tape Measure
• Cardboard box or scrap wood piece to cut on

1. Measure:

Measure the length and width of the room to determine how many carpet tiles you will need. It is a good idea to add an extra 10% to your calculations to allow for any mistakes or cuts that you may need to make.

2. Prepare the floor:

Make sure the floor is clean and dry before you start. If the floor is uneven, use a leveler or self-leveling compound to even it out.

3. Lay out the tiles:

Begin in one corner of the room and lay out the tiles in a dry fit (without tape), making sure that the pattern and placement is to your liking. If you are using a patterned tile, make sure the pattern is aligned and straight.

4. Cut the tiles:

If you need to cut tiles to fit around corners or obstacles, use a straight edge or T-square to mark a straight line and then cut along the line with a utility knife.

5. Apply the double sided tape:

Once you are happy with the layout, begin applying the double sided tape. Make sure to press down firmly to ensure good adhesion.

Unroll a small end of your carpet tape and press the sticky side to the floor on which your carpet tiles will be installed. Run strips across the floor in one foot gaps. Leave the top white paper side of the tape on.

Be sure to use a utility knife to cut the tape when you get to a wall (best to use a utility knife rather than scissors). You can use a piece of the box that the carpet tiles came in to cut on or a scrap piece of wood.

Start in one side of the room and peel back the top white paper side of the tape to reveal the sticky side. Don't remove all as you want to remove as you go so you don't step on the sticky tape.

Lay down your carpet tile on top of exposed sticky adhesive tape and press tile firmly down touching the next tile. At least two strips of the tape should be going under each tile to keep it in place.

6. Install the tiles:

Starting in the corner, begin installing the tiles by pressing them firmly into place. Use a rolling pin or a heavy object to roll over the tiles to ensure good adhesion.

7. Finish the edges:

Use a small piece of tape to secure any tiles that need to be cut to fit along the edges of the room.

8. Enjoy your new floor:

Once all the tiles are in place, your new carpet tile floor is ready to use!
OPTION 2 (Float over floor):
1. Layout your tiles without using any tape in the area you are planning to install them.

2. Unroll your carpet tape 4" and then cut a piece. You can use the box the carpet tiles came in to cut the tape or you can use a scrap piece of wood.

3. Lift the corner of one tile where you have 4 carpet tiles coming together and place tape sticky side up so 1/4 of the tape is on the tile. Lift up the other three tiles and place down on the floor the piece that has the tape on it. Lower the other three corners of tiles down so the tape will be on the bottom of those as well.

4. Repeat this process for each area where there are four pieces of tiles coming together.

5. After you finish taping all the corners, walk and step firmly on each so the tape is firmly securing each tile at the connecting 4 corners.

6. You're DONE. Congratulations!
How To Install Carpet Tiles Without Adhering To Your Floor
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